Sorry mom I can’t go to school tomorrow I’m too busy being a Patriotic Straight Edge Piece Of Shit. 

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I get so emotional about Bomb the Music Industry it’s unhealthy.

Album Art

New Jeff Rosenstock single! This shit rules!

ArtistJeff Rosenstock
TitleHey Allison!
Album Art

Take my fucking hand and let me introduce myself
I am the bastard son of everyone I loved

I had a breakdown with an old friend
In the shared house I once lived in

I was a shut in, a let down
But I’m feeling much better now

Album Art


Let’s talk about spaceships
Or anything except you and me, okay?”

ArtistSay Hi To Your Mom
TitleLet's Talk About Spaceships
AlbumNumbers & Mumbles
Album Art
ArtistDeath Cab For Cutie
TitleStyrofoam Plates
AlbumThe Photo Album


Makeup tutorials instead of homework

Shots from my Windsor Diana clone this summer.

Fuji Provia 400

Photos from Travis’s graduation party.

Kodak T Max 100

Yashica Electro 35GSN

I started fucking around with Irish on Duolingo and it’s really cool. It’s completely different from English and is totally spinning my brain, but it’s very very cool.

Hopefully I can pick up something from it.